10 Guidelines for buying him the perfect Christmas Gift

It can tough to to buy gifts for the stylish man.

We had a look at these 10 things that make a man stylish.

The world’s most stylish and famous men are photographed going

about their everyday business on a weekly basis, and they always

look fantastic no matter what they’re doing. But looking continually

stylish isn’t as easy as they make it seem.


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1. Quality Shoes

Not spending enough money on their shoes is one of the biggest style mistakes that most men make. If you want the man in your life to  look stylish, then start from the feet upwards. Stylish men pay particular attention to their shoes, and always wear the right footwear for every occasion. They know when they should wear a brogue, when a loafer would be more appropriate, and they definitely don’t wear running shoes outside of the gym.

It’s important for him to take care of his footwear: invest in the highest quality leather you can afford and purchase a shoe care kit so that you can keep your shoes clean and protect the leather, ensuring they’ll last for as long as possible.

Keep a mini shoe care kit in the drawer of your desk, so that you’ll never have to suffer from un-stylishly scuffed or dirty shoes again.

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2. Keep His Tailoring Sharp

Sharp tailoring is not only a hot trend for this season, it is a classic and essential style staple that every stylish man should get right.

The key to keeping your tailoring sharp is to really focus on fit when buying key pieces, such as a suit, jacket, or coat. A well tailored jacket will fit perfectly on your shoulder: sleeve length can be altered, but ensuring the shoulder fit of a piece is essential to getting the look right.

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3. Time for him to loose the Bulky Wallet

Bulky wallets loaded with tickets, receipts and other scraps of paper can look clumsy and juvenile. They will also ruin the line of your trousers (especially when you’re wearing a suit) bulking out your pocket unnecessarily. Instead, the stylish man will use a slim line card holder, and only carry the essentials that they need.

A good card holder will have texture for subtle detail, and should always be made of leather, to create a feeling of style and class. With plenty of room for his credit cards, driving license, and other essentials, a well-chosen card holder is the only accessory he need in his pocket. After all, who carries cash nowadays anyway?

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4. Buy Good Quality Underwear 

Wearing good quality underwear will not only help his clothes fit better, it will also make him feel more confident.His underwear is part of the outfit, so it should look as good as the rest of him. After all, he wouldn’t wear a stained shirt to the office, so why is he keeping those stained and crumpled pants in his underwear drawer?

Tom Ford once advised in an interview that  stylish men should ”throw away your old socks and underwear every six months”. This is good advice, and if it’s time for you to replace some of his underwear then you should get to Bill Craig in Melville.

Black cotton or microfibre underwear is classic, and will match with almost everything, but if you want him to express his personality with his pants then you don’t have to shy away from pattern or colour. Just ensure his underwear fits him well and holds everything where it should be!

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5. If It Doesn’t Fit, Alter It! 

Fit is the most important aspect of men’s style, and the most stylish men have a tailor...on speed dial. Find a tailor you can trust, and you’ll never wear ill-fitting clothes again!

If you can’t tailor an item to fit you properly then give it away and replace it with one that does. It is better to have fewer well-fitting clothes in his closet than an abundance of pieces that fit badly. By clearing out the pieces that don’t fit him will more easily be able to see where the gaps in his style are.

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6. Buy Multiples

Does have a favourite pair of jeans he just couldn’t imagine living without? It you fall in love with a piece, then buy more than one! This means he can wear his favourite item more regularly, and that when one pair wears out and needs replacing, you won’t have to trawl the shops looking for a pair that he loves as much.

Other items worth buying in multiples if you find the style that’s perfect for you include plain tees in white and black, well-fitting underwear, and leather belts. After all, there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing!

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7. Splurge of Investment Pieces

There are some high-fashion pieces he will only wear for a season or two: these can be purchased from Bill Craig in Melville. However there are other pieces that he will buy once and wear for the rest of your life: these are the pieces you should splash out on. Look for high-quality fabrics and unusual subtle details (such as unexpected button placement or hardwear)

Key examples of investment pieces are a good trench coat, well-fitting sports jacket, and a classic leather jacket. Whilst the price tag may be expensive, the cost-per-wear ration you will achieve over his lifetime will make the initial outlay well worth it.

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8. Store His Clothes Properly

His clothing deserves to be treated with respect, and the most stylish men take pride in organising their closets and ensuring all their key pieces are kept on coat hangers to keep them in good condition.

If he hangs and store his clothes correctly then they will look new for longer: essential for maintaining and extending the life of expensive designer threads!

Storing his clothes properly is particularly important when travelling, either for a holiday or on a business trip. Investing in a decent suit carrier and folding his clothes properly means he will always look sharp and well put together when he is home or away.

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9. Invest in Regular Haircuts

Stylish men don’t necessarily wear their hair short, but they do have their hair cut regularly. The optimal time frame in which to have a hair cut is every four to six weeks. Trimming ish hair regularly will prevent split ends, leaving his hair looking thick and healthy. A good haircut will last long after he leaves the barber.

He doesn’t necessarily have to change his hair style regularly if he has found a style that suits him, and defines his look. Look to David Gandy, who continues to be one of the world’s most successful male models despite never changing his hair style.

10. Pay Attention to the Details

Finally, the most stylish man isn’t the man wearing the flamboyant feathered hat, or any other affectation that screams ‘look at me!’ Men with real style are men that pay attention to the subtle details of their outfit and who know that less is always more.

That means choosing the right cuff links for every outfit, and ensuring your sleeve lengths are on point: not adding a waistcoat, bow tie, and bowler hat to every outfit!

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