A widely-known shop providing men of all ages with apparel and accessories for work, play and formal occasions from black tie to evening wear. It has flourished because it blends quality wear in a range of reasonably priced apparel together with a personal touch unique for matching people and personality with the right look. Bill Craig Mans Shop of Melville is known for its attention to detail and coordinating a look that suits every individual’s personality which is difficult to find elsewhere. Ninety percent of its formal and casual offerings cannot be found in any shopping centers. A sound enterprise with a rapidly expanding audience.

This shop is well known for its personal touch and has an established list of clientele which spans over 25 years. The owner of the business Mr. Bill Craig himself intends on retiring and wishes to put his business on the market. The shop was established in 1976 and has become a landmark in the area, with its old world and classic charm it offers the individual man personalized service. It boasts an impressive range of clothing from well know brand names to unknowns from all over the world. The well known statement by customers saying “if you can’t find what you looking for go to Bill Craig and you will find what you want” is what has made this Men’s clothing store a success! 

Recently Bill Craig has expanded his market to accommodate all tastes which includes an ever expanding black market that have a unique style of dress as well as up market conventional dress. The premise where Bill Craig is situated is subject to a monthly rental and is well positioned on a busy street with adequate parking available.

The business would require an owner that has a flair for the personal touch as well as a list of clientele of his/their own to add to the existing clientele. Income generated by the business will only be discussed in person upon appointment.

View by appointment.